COVID-19 Female Model

The Details

Bio Regarding Covid-19 works.

The Pieces

Masked Portrait
Spring 2020 | Plaster 18” x 10” x 6”

Description of piece.

 “Chloe with Headphones”
2019-2020 | Plaster, Headphones

Description of Piece

The Process

The process of the Masked Portrait piece can be seen in the images to the left. It began with a female model wearing a mask and placing her hands on each cheek. I then covered her hair and face with plastic in order to create a barrier to begin the mold. Using plaster and rubber, I was able to create a mold of her head that could be reproduced. A mask was added after the initial mold was created and a second mold was designed to incorporate the mask.

A similar process was used to create the Chloe with Headphones piece. An unmasked version of Chloe can be seen on the Body Casting page (click button below to view).