Ball of Hands

Ball of Hands! (2014) Plaster Mold

The Details

The Ball of Hands originated at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC. I was on an extended residency, one that extended to three times its original length. I had been doing body casting there in the open studio but wanted to do something more interactive so I decided to try this technique of layering hands, the technique was developed in process and refined as I went along. The result is that each of the 140 plus hands appear to be casted all together but in fact are cast individually and the piece is built up slowly over time. I have the opportunity to visit with each person and their names are recorded.

The museum context was perfect for this project as I had a steady stream of visitors from all over the world, 23 different countries are represented. I still add to it although more slowly, in this Covid time, I think that it has a whole new layer of resonance.

The Journey

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The Process