About the Artist

I consider myself a lucky person.”

I am an undisciplined interdisciplinary artist, I work on projects and go down wormholes that result in the pieces and works that you will see here. These pieces I see as a byproduct of my explorations but I am taking the time during this Covid lockdown to revisit, revise and finish some of the works that have never been resolved. I am currently lost in it all including, Covid and politics in which I weave it into my work. It is reflected in the plaster portraits and the wire figures with masks directly. It will show up more in a shadow project I am working on parallel to the revisions of older works.

I am a trained mold maker, educator and writer. I am in love with the physical act of making art. I love looking at it, being part of it and being immersed in it. A fan of collaborative making.

Although it is a hard time for collaborative practices I am finding ways and this is my attempt to share my explorations.

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Derek and Lisa Chau.
Derek working with plaster.

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