About the Artist

I consider myself a lucky person.”

I am an interdisciplinary artist, I work on projects and go down wormholes that result in the pieces and works that you see here. The pieces I see as a byproduct of my explorations, experiments and threads that I follow to various ends. I am taking time during this covid lockdown to revisit, revise and finish some of the themes that have never been reconciled with the original vision. The Experiments refer to the mycelium work which is ongoing now as a collaboration in the newly formed “Growery Collective” in which we are looking for ways to generate bio materials for art building  and possible architectural applications.

I am a trained mold maker and educator. I teach first year students at Parsons School of Design and at Pratt institute. I am in love with the physical act of making art, looking at it, being part of it, being immersed in it and a fan of collaborative making.

I consider myself to be a lucky person.

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Derek and Lisa Chau.
Derek working with plaster.

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